Effective Recycling

Chase Away The Specters Of Destruction In Your Own Little Way

+++When the whole world somehow seems to only talk about reducing carbon footprint and the incessant depletion of natural resources, not many seem to consciously or subconsciously spare a thought to recycling at home or at work. Adopting this sensible approach definitely deserves earnest consideration. Of course many an enterprising entrepreneur may even see in it tremendous scope for innovation and creation of wealth.

For most of us reeling under the pernicious impact of large-scale globalization in blue-chip metros, the sights and sounds that once formed an inextricable part of the erstwhile delightfully clean, green and uncontaminated environment, stirs up some wonderful memories. Wouldn't it be simply great to wake up to a blissfully idyllic world that's untainted by man-made elements? If you think that the seemingly onerous task of recycling must only form part of the government's consternation, then you couldn't be farther from the truth. It is, in fact, the bounden duty of every law abiding citizen to work towards maintaining the fragile equilibrium in the ecology.

For ignoramuses like me, the concept of effective recycling and its rather vague rubrics does not really generate a great deal of verve. In fact most homeowners treat it with an ominous mix of ignorance and trepidation and struggle to break away from the insularity towards this rather complicated subject. Just in case you subscribe to these very feelings, but are in some way trying to make a sterling contribution, here are some very effective tips for recycling. And since charity always begins at home, let's see how you can set the ball rolling:

1) Shopping bags: The next time you consign those shopping bags to the trash can, remember they can all be re-used quite innovatively. Make your shopping experience at the supermarket less cumbersome, by carrying a supply of these bags in your handbag. Some supermarkets even reward you when you bring your own bags. The use of trolleys to transport things purchased directly to cartons in the car is another great idea.

2) Old socks: Use woolen socks while cleaning up those invidious particles of dust. And considering their remarkable ability to retain moisture, you can also place them at the bottom of potted plants, particularly if you are taking that weeklong vacation.

3) Fabric: Here's one for those that are innately skeptical about the recycling potential of natural fabrics, like cotton and wool. Make small pieces and combine them with other composting materials. The process of degradation may take slightly longer as compared to other materials, though. Just in case you have a massive quantity, the deluge of recycling sites is more than your proverbial ray of hope. The one's that are in a decent condition are shipped to people who can use them in more ways than you can think about. The ones in tatters fill cushions and mattresses.

4) Unwanted household furniture: They need not always occupy landfill space. Ferret out websites that can find a new home for your furniture, become a member and you could bring unbridled joy to somebody's dark, dreary existence.

5) Food: Vegetable peelings, salad wastes, used tea bags and fruits degrade without much effort and if you have a garden of your own, watch it flourish with the extra nutrients it receives.

6) Cardboard boxes: If your kitchen's overflowing with cardboard boxes, compressing them by soaking in used dish water is the perfect solution. Thereafter, they can be positioned on top of the compost heap.

7) Packaging: Buying items that come in reusable containers helps in reducing the strain on landfill sites.

These are just a few tips for effective recycling to get you started. This should however, not restrict you from dabbing on a dose of ingenuity and finding new ways that can clearly help create a cleaner and greener environment.

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Effective Recycling
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