Wedding Invitation Boxes

Get wedding invitation boxes at wholesale price + factory price cheaper here and find out why are they the most luxury way to send out wedding + event invitation cards!

If you are temporary planning your wedding ceremony and sourcing in the internet for ultimate luxury wedding invitations for your special day you might came across wedding invitation boxes already.
Due to it's luxury look and extraordinary design it is no wonder more and more brides and grooms choose to buy them. The bold appearance of a box make the card more visible and the invitation more noticeable.

Here in our factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand we specialize in silk invitation boxes for wedding events and corporate parties.
Why silk? Well, we believe silk is something divine, beyond any paper fibers and so it was for us just the perfect material to use for our couture invitation designs.

Furthermore since years we combine fine rhinestone crystal brooches with our products for the ultimate wedding embellishment. Boxes are mostly padded and equipped with pockets of holder in the inner part which enables to hold things like RSVP cards, invitation cards or pictures in place.

Customization is very important to us so we enable all our clients ordering custom made designs in consideration to their wedding theme, taste and motto. For example the grooms nickname is "Princess", we will find suitable crown brooch embellishments, combine maybe with a bold velvet ribbon or lace or add embroideries.

Wedding invitation boxes, however do not necessarily be covered with silk, here on we give our clients the choice. Therefor we have a selection of velvet fabrics, lace fabric, hemp, suede or cotton to mention some of the more common once. Now if you are interested in wedding invitation boxes, simply send us your inquiry by sending an E-Mail. We will reply you and be giving you free online support until your final order is placed.

Wedding Invitation Box

WISSER Co.,Ltd., Soi Yangprathat, 27 M. 7, San Sai, Chiang Mai 50210, Thailand

We are manufacturer, specialises in elegant and luxury wedding invitation boxes, wedding favor boxes, folio invitations, silk invitation in boxes & packaging bags. WISSER has been working on various designs for wholesaler, event planners and individuals including printed shopping bags made of cotton, embellished silk invitations in a box, natural hemp cosmetic bags for spa brands and various high-end folio invitation used to announce the big day of a client in a most unique and luxury way possible.

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