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If you want your wedding invitations to be something more than just a card, nothing exudes style and sophistication like silk wedding invitation boxes.

A silk box acts as a case for delicate wedding stationery. It not only works to protect and preserve the stationery, but a beautiful wedding box will make your invitations unique. People are used to receiving invitations in designer envelopes, but a silk box takes your level of classiness up a few notches. These attractive boxes come in a variety of sizes, colors and materials to fit any wedding style or budget. From couture with embellishment and lace to ordinary plain designs, we have them all featured online!

Wedding Invitation Boxes

Thai Silk

Thai silk can come from both wild and cultivated silkworms. The most popular type of silk comes from cultivated Bomby Mori silkworms. After about one year of feeding on mulberry leaves, young silkworms build cocoons of delicate silk fibers. In order to have use of the cocoon, it is dropped into boiling water. Each cocoon can yield 500 to 1,500 yards of silk thread. It's natural color is yellow, but it can be bleached and dyed in any color of the rainbow.

Thai women have been weaving silk on handlooms for centuries, and much of the most exquisite Thai silk is still woven in the same fashion as it was generations ago. You can order Thai silk wedding boxes in solid colors or bold Asian patterns. This material is durable and has a natural beauty that artificial silk does not have.

Why buy Thai silk over artificial silk? Thai silk can easily be set apart from its imitators. First of all, you can expect to pay about ten times as much for real Thai silk than for the artificial version. As it is woven by hand and not by machine, it has a handmade look and feel to it. The weaving is not as uniform as silk made by machine. It has a slightly rougher and more natural look to it. Thai silk also has a luster that can not be replicated in artificial versions. Having two unique tones and blends, its color should change when viewed from different angles. Finally, when you burn Thai silk it makes a fine ash and smells like burning hair. Artificial silk, on the other hand, appears to burn like plastic.

Dupioni Silk

This variety of silk is another fine handcrafted type of material. Dupioni, meaning double, refers to the fact that the thread is made from double cocoons. When two silkworms make their cocoons close to each other, and they become tangled, this silk is harvested for dupioni silk. It has a rougher quality and is resistant to wrinkles. It is a strong material that creases well, although it does not stretch. Artisans working with dupioni silk need to make exact measurements, as there is no room for mistakes.

Like Thai silk, dupioni silk has a natural luster and shine. It shimmers in light and shows off the two colors of the intertwined threads. Dupioni silk is woven by hand and yields an elegant fabric that has been prized throughout the centuries. It is also easily distinguishable from artificial silk. Wedding boxes made of dupioni silk will surely add a touch of grace and class to your wedding. You can order dupioni silk in any color, although a more vibrant color will produce the most splendid shimmer effect on your wedding boxes.

Faux Silk

Faux silk, or artificial silk, was developed in the 1890's. As the name implies, it is not made from the natural silk of cocoons. Because it can be produced by man, and doesn't involve the patient process of waiting for silkworms to do their thing, it is a lot more affordable than Thai silk or dupioni silk. If you're on a budget, but you still want to dress up your wedding invitations with silk wedding boxes, faux silk is the way to go. It still gives off a shine and has that soft, silk feel to it. Most people will not be able to tell the difference between faux silk and real silk, so there's really no loss if you decide to go with faux silk wedding boxes. You can bet your guests won't set their stunning boxes ablaze in order to figure out if it's real silk or not!

You can order faux silk couture wedding boxes in any color, just like with Thai silk or dupioni silk. If you have a large guest list, you'll save a pretty penny by going with faux silk rather than other options.

Silk wedding invitation boxes provide an excellent keepsake for your guests. You can also order matching wedding boxes for table favors. Give your nearest and dearest an attractive memoir of your special day by choosing exquisite silk wedding boxes.

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