Asian Decor Ideas

If you love an Asian theme in your decorating, you will know that buying accessories for an Asian theme can be very expensive.

But there are cheaper ways to have beautiful Asian accessories in your home. Here are some simple crafts to add that special Asian flavor.

Scroll Collage

All you need for this is a strip of red paper, a piece of dowel, a gold ribbon and some pictures and other collage objects on an Asian theme.

The red paper strip needs to be about 3 ft long and 10-12 inches wide, but if you don\'t have a continuous strip, you can use three sheets of red scrapbooking paper or red A4 copy paper and tape them together in a strip.

Fold over about 1 1/2 inches of paper at the top of the strip and tape it down to the back of the strip. Your dowel rod should be about 2 inches wider than the paper. Paint the dowel gold and when it has dried, slide it through the fold at the top of the strip.

Tie the gold ribbon to each end of the dowel for hanging. Your scroll is now complete and can be decorated anyway you like, by collaging pictures and small objects like fans, scraps of art paper and so on. You can also use Asian themed stamps and calligraphy to decorate your scroll.

Lucky Chinese Paper lanterns

These are very beautiful and simple to make. Download some Asian themed pictures or calligraphy from the Internet. Print them out on A4 sheets of red copy paper. Now fold the sheets in half lengthways and cut strips to within 1 inch of the edge of the paper. Open out the paper and roll it into a cylinder, glueing the short ends together. Only about 1 inch of the ends should overlap. The lantern will fall into shape. You can decorate your lanterns with gold glitter for extra luck. To hang the lanterns you can either punch two holes opposite each other at the top, and thread gold ribbon through, or glue a thin piece of red paper into an arch at the top of the lantern. String them up for beauty and good luck!

Silk Cushions

Cushion inserts are cheaply bought, but Asian themed silk cushion covers can be expensive. Try thrift shops and dollar stores, where you may be able to pick up lovely cushion covers cheaply, but if you can can't find any, make your own!

Plain white or cream fabric looks wonderful with a simple piece of black calligraphy sewn or printed to the centre. Download examples of Asian calligraphy from the Internet and print it out on transfer paper. Transfer the design to a plain cushion cover.

Applique is another way to create beautiful Asian themed cushions. Shop for scraps of fabric that have suitable motifs, such as fans. Cut out the motif and sew it to a plain dark cushion cover, or use fabric glue to glue it in place. Odd pieces of silk and satin in vibrant colors can be patchworked together to make stunning cushion covers including silk cushions, hemp cushion cover or dupioni silk pillows.

Gold thread embroidery on black or red fabric also looks stunning and you don\'t have to be a master embroiderer. Just copy or trace a very simple pattern, such as a fan, onto your fabric and trace it with basic backstitch. Gold thread is so eye catching that will look very intricate, even though it is easy.

These are just a few ways to decorate with an Asian theme on a budget. Read decorating and craft magazines for more and remember - if you can't afford, you can probably craft it!

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