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Below is our collection of classic silk colors, suede colors and ribbon colors. Choose any color you like for any product shown on our website.
Just mail us the color # along item# of the product you wish to order and we will check details.

Below we display our fabric colors for silk, suede as well as our ribbon colors. Please mail us the number you like us to use for your order. Kindly note that some colors might not be available in stock.

Silk Colors (White, Off White, Orange, Pink)

Silk Colors (Purple, Brown, Green)

Silk Colors (Silver, Green, Light Blue)

Silk Colors (More Pink Tones, Lavender, Red)

Silk Colors (Blue, Metallic, Purple, Black)

Suede Color Chart

Suede Color Chart (Blue, Metallic, Purple, Black)

Single Faced Ribbon Color Chart

ribbon colors chart (mixed ribbon colors)

ribbon colors chart (mixed ribbon colors)

ribbon colors chart (mixed ribbon colors)

ribbon colors chart (mixed ribbon colors)

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We are manufacturer, specialises in elegant and luxury wedding invitation boxes, wedding favor boxes, folio invitations, silk invitation in boxes & packaging bags. WISSER has been working on various designs for wholesaler, event planners and individuals including printed shopping bags made of cotton, embellished silk invitations in a box, natural hemp cosmetic bags for spa brands and various high-end folio invitation used to announce the big day of a client in a most unique and luxury way possible.

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