Ivory silk invitation featuring gray monogram embroidery


Designer + manufacturer of most luxury silk invitations from Thailand. Luxury two door invitations are made available to our clients worldwide with customization possibilities and endless color selection. Only here, only factory prices, only best quality since 2006.

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Two door silk folio wedding invitation. Ivory silk cover inside and outside the folder. Design features padded exterior with clients customized embroidery design. Customization is also possible when in comes to color of silk, size and extras inside the folder like pockets or extra features like lace. This is again a fully handmade silk folio, designed in-house by NANGFA and manufactured in our workshop in Chiang Mai.

Size: 6x9"
Material: Silk
Style: Embroidered wedding invitation, luxury event invitation folder
Tags: Wedding, invitations, monogram embroidery, silk invitation, folder, folio, luxury invites

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We are manufacturer, specialises in elegant and luxury wedding invitation boxes, wedding favor boxes, folio invitations, silk invitation in boxes & packaging bags. WISSER has been working on various designs for wholesaler, event planners and individuals including printed shopping bags made of cotton, embellished silk invitations in a box, natural hemp cosmetic bags for spa brands and various high-end folio invitation used to announce the big day of a client in a most unique and luxury way possible.

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