Embroidered Wedding Invitation Box For Wedding, Baptism & Christening Invitations


We always loved to work with pure dupioni silk and so it is our pride to present you another embroidered dupioni silk box that makes the perfect packaging product for wedding, Babtism and Christening invitations.

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The Perfect 100% Dupioni Silk Box With Embroidery For Wedding - Baptism & Christening Invitations

This over-sized embroidered silk box was designed in two color theme because we know most weddings have at least two color schemes involved. The embroidery color of this design was made matching to the interior lining color of the box. You see a hinged lid style which will house invitation cards in its inner and will be mailed out to invited guest with one of our mailing boxes, see also here

With over 7 years working with dupioni silk we have been creating dupioni silk wedding invitation boxes featuring custom embroideries for hundreds of happy clients across the globe. Size, color, simply everything is custom made and so every customer order is handled directly with our sales and discussed step by step. Place your silk box sample order today, just get in touch with us and tell us in what size we have to manufacture the box, what style you need, hinged lid style, gate style...by clicking here

Style: Luxury Couture style
Box Measurements: 6x9x1"
Material: 100% dupioni silk
Color: Purple with gold color
Usage: Wedding Invitation Cards, Baptism Invitations & Christening Invitations

Your trusted manufacturer of embroidered Wedding Invitation Box & Silk Invitations For Wedding, Baptism & Christening Invitations

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