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Wedding Invitation Boxes

Black Hinged Lid Velvet Invitation Box

An amazing choice of luxury silk invitation boxes, silk folios, luxury wedding invitations & silk invitations by Thailand's trusted manufacturer

We have prepared some informative facts about silk invitation boxes that you might be interested to read.

For the trendy and sophisticated bride silk wedding invitation boxes are quickly becoming known as an incredibly exclusive and stunning way to present wedding invitations. The exquisiteness of silk is a beautiful way for family, friends, and special guests to preserve the wedding invitation for years to come.

Silk wedding invitation boxes are typically available in square or rectangle sizes. The box itself is covered in silk both on the outside and inside of the box, so the wedding invitation is surrounded and cushioned by luxurious silk once it is carefully tucked inside. Silk wedding invitation boxes also come in an assortment of colors to match a bride's wedding color palette and there are equally, if not arguably, just as many options to choose from with silk boxes as there are with traditional wedding envelopes.

Wedding Embellishment

Example of one of our pearl brooch embellishments

The wide variety of silk wedding invitation box designs include those that lift open, ones that open and close on hinges, boxes with a gate fold, and several other fold out designs. The outside of these invitation boxes can be custom designed to reflect a variety of different styles ranging from simple, plain, and elegant to those that include all the bells and whistles of embellishments, buckles, monograms, Swarovski crystals, embroidery, ribbons, and pearls.

Because of the custom nature of silk boxes, it is certainly a good idea to pick out the invitation box before selecting an invitation for several reasons. Due to the handcrafted nature of silk wedding invitation boxes ordering in advance is necessary. Since silk wedding invitation boxes are each made by hand, many online retailers are limited to either the quantity or color of boxes that are available or in stock at any given time.

Wedding Invitation Boxes

Golden Silk Covered Box For Wedding Invitations Featuring Rhinestone Embellishment

When placing an order for silk wedding invitation boxes, it is not uncommon for there to be a 4-6 week minimum delivery time. With enough notice and a minimum quantity to be purchased, it might even be possible to order custom sized boxes for wedding invitations that may not fit exactly inside the standard size squares or rectangles. However, especially if time is a factor, it is practical to know the actual dimensions of the box first as it will be easier to select an invitation which will fit perfectly inside.

For the bride with her heart set on silk wedding invitation boxes, there are also various types of silk available to suit different budgets which include Thai silk, Dupioni, imitation silk or faux silk, and other polyester blends.

Pure Thai silk is completely handmade and is easily considered to be one of the finest fabrics. Since silk is a natural fiber that comes from the cocoon of a silk worm, it cannot be copied or mass produced by machines, and it is common for authentic hand woven Thai silk to have slight differences which add to its uniqueness and one-of-a-kind appearance.

No two pieces of Thai silk are ever identical so each silk wedding invitation box is a unique handcrafted item. A bride who presents her invitations gently nestled within the folds of Thai silk boxes does so in an elegant way that speaks volume to the unique one-of-a-kind love and one-of-a-kind relationship that she and her groom share.

Dupioni silk, sometimes called 'raw silk,' generally describes silk that is irregular, rough, coarse, and just not smooth. Dupioni silk has an overall rougher or bumpier texture throughout the fabric which can be caused either intentionally or unintentionally through the spinning techniques applied to the yarn. Though opinions vary about how to precisely define Dupioni, the silk itself is generally woven from a combination of white and yellow silk cocoons. White silk cocoons are long and smooth while yellow silk cocoons are short and rough. This mixed combination of textures and lengths creates the unique signature textures found in dupioni silk. Some designers view Dupioni as a work of art in and of itself.

Wedding Invitation Boxes

Picture shows one of our famous dupioni silk invitations pads with crystal buckle

Due to the uniqueness of pure silk, it is understandably more costly than other options. In fact, price is often one helpful clue as to whether or not the silk fabric is truly the real thing or not. However, imitation silks, faux silk, or polyester blends still offer plenty of wonderful options that allow a trendy and sophisticated bride on a smaller budget to achieve the desired look for a fraction of the cost.

Some brides really like the option of Thai silk invitation boxes but are either looking for something a little less expensive, or perhaps still feeling a bit hesitant to veer too far away from the more traditional wedding envelope. Thai silk envelope pouches or portfolios offer other beautiful presentation options. Silk envelope pouches or portfolios are a bit less costly than the silk invitation boxes, yet they each still encase the invitation inside a delicate silk keepsake.

Regardless of a bride's budget, silk wedding invitation boxes are stylistic mementos that redefine presentation with style. Whether a bride needs a handful or a hundred, there are affordable options for silk invites boxes. Every bride should be able to present her cherished guests with their own little treasures announcing the happiest event of her life.

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