Black Embellished Wedding Invitation With Pockets


Embellished black folio invitation with pair brooch and pocket holder

This fine hand-crafted folio invitation was designed with our black silk, padded on the exterior and embellished with a new creation of our onyx brooch embellishment featuring rhinestones. The folio basically comes in all sizes and colors. Shown design was made in 6×6 inches which suits for 5×5 or 5.5×5.5 wedding invitation cards. The inner part has our classic pockets on each door and silk corners for easy placing of your wedding or formal event invitation cards in the centre part. Shown is a all black mix and match, black silk, black 2 inches ribbon, black themed wedding embellishment.

Size: 6×6″
Material: Silk
Color: Black
Usage: Wedding invitation

Weight 0.17 kg

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