Silk Favor and Packaging Boxes

When you want a container to house your party favors, but are bored with the standard paper box, silk favor and packaging boxes provide the perfect solution. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, you’ll find silk party favor boxes to meet any need. This is the luxurious choice for when you want your guests to feel extra special about being a part of your event.

Silk favor boxes and silk packaging boxes are covered in any type of fabric you can dream of. Silk screams of luxury, while a velvet covered box makes your small package seem like a royal gift. Lace covered boxes offer a hint of old fashioned elegance that add a classic touch to a traditional wedding. Each style provided by us gives an event a distinct feel, enhancing on what your dream for the outcome is.

Our Unique Selection of Silk Favor Boxes

Made entirely by hand, our selection of silk favor boxes will leave you breathless. There is no event too formal for us to accommodate with a silk favor box nor too casual. Classy square shaped boxes are like tiny presents decorated in the most luxurious fashion, while an array of different sized round packaging boxes could add a touch of whimsy to any affair. Make your party a two – fold gift by gifting your party favor inside of a reusable silk covered box.

Each silk favor box is completely customizable. From the size and shape of the box, to the embellishments, you get to choose precisely how you want your favor boxes to look. Not only do we work with silks in all different colors, you can change up the fabric and pick a royal like velvet or even old fashioned lace. With a rainbow of colors to pick from, the base of your box becomes a perfect canvas to create your special work of art.

The embellishments you choose are equally as diverse. The sky is the limit on ribbons and lace that can tie off your silk packaging box with perfection. Contrast the color of your base and adornments to create an unforgettable effect as your guests are presented with their very special gift. Add even more flair with handmade broaches of faux pearls and rhinestones, or tiny gems in brilliant colors.

Silk Party Favor Boxes and Packaging Boxes for Event Planners

If you make it your business to help with the planning and execution of special events like weddings, than our business is your perfect partner. We can help you shine in the party planning industry by giving a full array of options to wow your client with. Instead of being stuck suggesting the same old for party favors, we provide you with the party favor boxes that will impress your clients. It’s your job to learn their preferences and mentally create the party favor box that they will be proud to present, and it’s our job to bring that vision to fruition. We relish the chance to bring your ideas to life, and ultimately make your clients happy with our hand made creations.

When you choose silk party favor and shipping boxes with us, there is no end to your possibilities. Completely customizable, we can transform your vision of a luxury party favor box into a reality that ends up sitting in style on all of your event tables.

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