We collected some helpful tips for you to avoid trouble ordering your wedding invitations.

Helpful information how to plan your wedding invitations:

We prepared some points for you, helpful for you to receive the invitations how you imagined them and in a timely manner.

1) “Time is running fast…” Please start to develop your invitation design around 6 weeks before you actually expect to receive them and forward your finished design to the manufacturer 4 weeks before you need the order to be delivered.
This way you have 1 week to develop your dream design of for example silk invitation pouches, silk invitation boxes or silk invitation holder. On the other side we as the manufacturer still has a view days to discuss final details and around 2 weeks for produce it and depending on the shipping method 8-14 days for the delivery to it’s destination. 100-300 boxes take generally 10-14 days to produce.

2) Samples: We can send samples from our stock together with our Thai silk swatch set by DHL Express to your address. In most cases invitations arrive after 7-9 days. We try to avoid making customized samples as it takes almost the same time as manufacturing the complete order and is quiet expensive for us. However if it is very important for you to have an original sample of what you are going to order you can contact us and we can discuss further details.

3) The right size for your invitation card. Many customers make the mistake to determine the size of the invitation by the actual size of their invitation card. This can become a disaster as cards will not fit inside the invitation holder or box. Please add at least 0.25 inches per side to make sure your card as “air to breathe” Example: You invitation card measures 5.75×5.75 inches, you would order a silk invitation box or silk invitation holder in 6×6 inches. Also don’t forget how high the box should be: Are there additional elements on your invitation such as embellishments or flowers which may require additional space on top of the paper card.

4) Inform us about the budget you have, this helps us to determine what materials we can use or what invitation is in your price range. No worries, we have silk invitations from USD 0.65 until USD 10.00. This is all up to your requirements.

5) Last but not least: Delivery and Export from our location in Thailand. We export worldwide, see also “shipping” and all our invitation designs are packed professional and safe in thick carton boxes. The inner part of each carton box is covered with bubble wrap. In 99.9% shipments arrive undamaged and customers are very satisfied with our quality and work. A frequently asked question is: Can you ship 100 boxes to Sri Lanka and 200 Boxes to LA?” Yes we can, but delivery cost are much higher as cost/KG are lower for heavy weight shipments! We also would like to inform that our invitation boxes are not packed in mailing boxes or envelopes separately. Customers are required to do this in their country. We manufacture only textile related products.

6) Prices: We always give customers the lowest prices possible. However it is also important to mention that is providing only highest quality designs to it’s clients worldwide. We use expensive glues, thick cardboard and imported or handwoven fabrics only to make sure our customers are more than satisfied with their ordered product. If you ever have the feeling a product of our company is priced unreasonable, you are welcome to inform us. We are confident that you will be happy with our quality and price!
We may add more information to this page based on frequently asked question by our customer related to our invitation products including silk invitation boxes, silk invitation pouches, embellished silk invitation boxes and silk pads and holder.