Embellished Wedding Invitation Boxes

With our embellished wedding invitation boxes there is no limitation to the unique way that you present your special occasion invitations. With a wide array of pearl broaches, classy crystal clasps and rhinestone buckles your event will shine.

We craft all of our wedding invitations from the finest materials, starting with the handcrafted sturdy box. Most are based classic box shapes taking advantage of various lids such as pull-off tops, hinged lid boxes, gate folds, and book fold designs. Each variation on the top of the wedding invitation box gives your invitation a new opportunity to be presented to your guests. All of the box designs come in varying sizes so that you can find the one that your wedding invitation slips into with ease.

From there you have a choice in textiles to cover it including sleek Thai silk, faux silk, velvet, linen and even lace. All of the fabrics come in a rainbow of colors, giving you a luxurious canvas to work off of. Thai silk has the smooth feel of luxury, perfect for a wedding, while the rich feel of velvet speaks of an event meant only for royalty. Traditionalists love the idea of a lace covered wedding invitation box as it conveys the idea of a classic wedding with all of the trimmings. Once you have decided how you want your wedding invitation box to be covered, you can then choose the embellishments that give it that extra flair.

Now it’s time to turn your invitation into an elegant gift, tying the wedding invitation box off with the ribbon of your choice. Pick a color scheme that complements the party theme, conveying immediately what type of event your guests should expect. Bright white Thai silk and a black linen tie, lets your guests know to expect a world class luxurious event. For less formal affairs such as Sweet Sixteens and baby showers, choose pink and gold embellishments to top off your invitation box. We work with only the highest quality fabrics to ensure that each of our hand crafted wedding invitation boxes are as elegant as your event is.

Fabrics are not the only adornments for silk wedding invitation boxes. We also make them shine by hand picking bling that will make your box shine. Fasten the box to make it a classic with a high quality pearl broach, or give it some flair with a rhinestone crystal clasp. An array of different colored crystal buckles is also available, allowing you to customize the invitation boxes in a myriad of different styles. As you consider the embellishments for your luxury wedding invitation boxes, you can have them created as the perfect complement for your event.

Wholesale Pricing Available For Wedding and Event Planners

We have mastered the art of providing high quality wedding invitation boxes in bulk at wholesale prices. This allows for wedding planners and event organizers to please their clients with a unique presentation for their party invitations. Choose the embellishments that you know your clients will rave about, and we will custom make the wedding invitation boxes that will make a lasting impression. We work hard to ensure that as a wedding planner, your gift for creating the ideal celebration is noticed even as the first invitation is handed to a guest.

Embellishments add the finishing touch to your wedding invitation box, giving you the chance to completely customize the way in which you present your special event invitations. The combination of your beautiful wedding invitation box and our masterfully created boxes, your guests have the instant impression that they have just been invited to the party of the year.

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