Our drawstring bags are the perfect packaging solution if you are looking for an elegant presentation and packaging design of your companies product. We can manufacture drawstring bags in any size and color and stock materials including velvet, suede, silk, cotton, faux leather and linen. Logos can be embroidered or printed on each bag. Our factory will design your personalized bags, develop the size and color that suits your requirements. The is no drawstring bag that can not be manufactured with Prestige Creations, we have been working on jute drawstring bags, 100% eco friendly hemp drawstring bags and of course our famous Thai silk drawstring bags. The drawstring closure we use can be either a ribbon, cotton cord, satin cord or made of leather. The possibilities are endless. Event planner, retailer, wholesaler and big brands choose to work with The prestige Creations factory. Our wholesale prices are always competitive, we offer rush order production and express delivery for urgent jobs. Question? Drop us a line and let’s see what drawstring bag design we can develop together for your company. We are already excited hearing from you.

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