Classy Plain Silk Invitation Boxes
Perfect for any occasion, our collection of hand-made silk invitation boxes are available in wholesale for wedding and event planners as well as for those looking to make their own customized invitation boxes. With different sizes, shapes and types available, you’ll have no trouble in finding the silk invitation box that perfectly suits your luxury event.

The Classic Silk Invitation Box
With a fully detachable silk covered top lid, these boxes will serve multiple purposes. Choose from an array of luxurious silks in different colors to make your wedding invitation boxes reflect your personal sense of style.

The Hinged Lid Luxury Invitation Box
There is something special about a custom designed hinged box that opens to reveal hidden treasures. These are not only ideal for special event invitations, they make excellent party favor holders. Pick the color silk that best matches your theme, and then add your own adornments to make it truly unique.

Gate Fold Hinged Wedding Invitation Boxes
Like a perfect present, a wedding invitation can be placed inside of a silk box that opens with two flaps from the middle. Add a lace or silk bow as an adornment and your invited guests will instantly feel the importance of your special occasion.

The Scroll Invitation Mailing Box
Scroll invitations add a royal touch to any event, and being delivered inside of a custom designed mailing box adds a last touch of sophistication and elegance. Adorn the box the way you see fit to highlight an event fit for kings and queens.

Any one of our plain silk invitation boxes can be customized to represent the importance of your wedding invitation or other special event. Each box design comes without any embellishments, giving you the opportunity to custom design them as you see fit. Yet they are also luxurious as is, and can be mailed out just the way they are.

How to Decorate Silk Wedding Invitation Boxes
There are hundreds of ways in which you can personalize our plain silk invitation boxes to make them your own. Silk or lace ribbon can be used to tie them up all pretty like a present, while other adornments such as rhinestones and different colored gems can give them an appearance of brilliance. A shiny broach can also be added as the perfect tie for the ribbon giving your invitation that special touch of elegance.

You put a lot of thought into choosing the right invitations for your day, so why deliver them in an ordinary envelope. With our collection of plain silk invitation boxes you create something truly special that will be cherished by your invited guests. With the right mix of colors and designs, the wedding invitation box will send an instant message of what to expect for your upcoming event. Choose stark black and whites for a formal affair, or go with light and fun silk pastels for a more casual affair.
The wonderful thing about having a blank silk slate to work with is that you can let your imagination run wild. Think outside the box so to speak and create something truly unique for your event.

For Wedding and Event Planners
Plain silk wedding invitation boxes offer you the perfect opportunity to outshine your competitors. By offering your couple a unique presentation for their wedding invitations you are showing them that you are willing to make the extra effort to make theirs a truly special event. Contact us for information on how to order wholesale wedding invitations that will make you shine as the perfect planner.

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