Pocket Folder Invitations and Silk Folios

When you want a simple, yet luxurious wedding invitation, we can custom design a pocket folder invitation that exudes elegance. From our collection you can choose silk folio invitations, pocket folder invitations, silk folders and embellished silk invitation cards. Each has its own unique way of announcing the details of your event with style and grace.

From our wide assortment of colored fabrics and beautiful decorations, your invitations will make a bold statement about your special affair. The paper invitation is passé, and the modern couple looks for exciting new ways to intrigue and delight their guests. From our high quality collection, you will have no trouble in finding the perfect style to suit yours.

Silk Folio Invitation

A silk folio invitation provides a lovely way to make an announcement elegantly. With a gate fold design, the silk folio invitations we produce can be covered in any color fabric you can imagine. You can than add a contrasting bow and jeweled broach as finishing touches that truly shine. Let your imagination run wild, using black silk on silk with a shiny adornment in the center, or pick a velvet ribbon and whimsical broach to set your invitations apart. These small and sleek folio invitations are ideal for bridal showers, weddings, elegant dinners and more.

Pocket Folio Invitations

Silk folio invitations provide a lovely holder for an elegant invitation to be displayed. Simple, yet elegant, customize yours with a personalized monogram commemorating the event. These make lovely reminders of your special day, while providing a cozy cushion for invitations of all types. Rather than pages of paper that will just be tossed, the pocket folio invitation is something that will be cherished by your guests forever.

Luxury Wedding Folder

Our luxury wedding folders are one of a kind presenters that can be used for a variety of purposes. Small folders can be monogrammed and stand in as a place card, giving your guests an extra gift to take home with them. Or we can create a larger silk folder to serve as the menu for each of the tables at your reception. This product allows you to create a luxurious wedding by adding small elegant touches that stand out.

Embellished Silk Invitation Cards

With expert craftsmanship, we are able to create customized embellished silk invitation cards for any occasion. Use pastel pinks, yellows and blues to add a touch of class for a baby shower, or black silk embellished with white trimmings for a more formal evening affair. With our collection of embellished silk invitation cards, you can make your next party a truly personal affair.

When you order with us, you are guaranteed personalized silk invitations and folios of the highest quality. All of the materials that we choose are hand-picked to ensure that each piece is pure perfection. From the moment you share one of our products, your friends and family will feel the importance of your wedding.

Wholesale Orders For Wedding and Event Planners

We are happy to oblige large wholesale orders with wedding planners and event organizers. With the vast array of luxury wedding invitation holders that we design, it will be no trouble finding one that will impress your clients. Customized to suit any style and type of event, partnering with us will make you a stand out in your industry.

Take a step outside the typical invitation presentation, and impress your guests with something completely unique. With our skills and your imagination, there is no end to the possibilities you have in classy and luxurious wedding invitation pockets and folios.

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