Brooch Embellished Pink Silk Folder With Pockets For Wedding Cards

Stylish handcrafted wedding invitations featuring huge rhinestone brooches, designed by Prestige Creations, your luxury wedding invitation wholesaler and designer from Thailand.


Creative pink silk folio design with two door opening and large brooch in the center. This folder is used by pair clients for their luxury wedding invitation, gala and special event invitation cards. We can personalise this folder design by adding embroideries or foil stamp and offer our wedding invitation with a huge color and material choice. Why dont send us an inquiry, we would love to work with you on your upcoming invitation projects.

Measurements: 6.5×6.5 inches
Material: sturdy cardboard, padded and then laminated inside and outside with 100% silk
Usage: Special occasion invitations, wedding invitation cards, events
Color: Pink silk with multi color brooch
Feature: Large gold plated rhinestone brooch, 3 inches wide ribbon, handmade, pocket holder, ribbon holder in the center inside
Customize: Order in a custom color and size upon request
Wholesale: We sell for wholesale at factory price
Quality: High quality product made in Thailand
Original: Original design by Prestige Creations

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