Asian Style Silk Certificate Holder & Wedding Invitation Card Folios With Tassel & Monogram Embroidery


Monogram Embroidered Tassel Embellished Silk Certificate & Wedding Holder In Gold


Handmade silk folio with tassel, padded outside. This design is used for graduation folder or as certificate holder for university degrees, incentives and schools. We can customise all our certificate holder in size and color, can use velvet, paper or a mix of both. Let us manufacture your personalised graduation holder in our factory.
We generally add our customers embroideries on the top. Suitable also as menu card holder. Design can be changed. For the shown design we used Faux silk inside and outside.


Size: 12 x 8.5 inches suitable for Din A4 papers. (Any other size possible to manufacture)
Color: Gold
Usage: Graduation holder, certificate holder, invitation, event
Feature: Custom embroidery, tassel embellishment

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