Beautiful Off White Mulberry Paper Wedding Box With Monogram Foil Stamp

Elegant off white wedding box crafted in Chiang Mai saa paper and mulberry box factory


Invite your guest with this elegant mulberry paper hinged lid wedding box, crafted by hand with sturdy cardboard and handmade mulberry aper from Chiang Mai. Our factory can manufacture this luxury box for you in bespoke size and color. The box features foil stamp, pocket behind the lid and bow closure.

Size: 6x8x1.5 inches
Material: Sturdy cardboard laminated with handmade mulberry paper
Color: Off white paper with gold foil stamp
Feature: Ribbon closure, foil stamp, lift lid with pocket
Wholesale: All our wedding boxes are sold for wholesale
Custom order: Accepted
Export: We export your orders by sea and air worldwide
Rush order: Possible upon request

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Weight 0.55 kg


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