#1 Best Seller Ivory Boxed Lace Invitation With Pearl Brooch


Silver Wedding Box Featuring Silk & Modern Rhinestone Brooch


Handcrafted design by Prestige Creations featuring large pearl brooch embellishment and embroidered lace fabric. This gatefold style wedding box is first laminated with silk and then covered with flower embroidered lace fabrics. The box is padded on the inside and outside, featuring pockets for envelopes and RSVP cards. Invite your guest with one of our high quality lace invitations making sure they receive an invitation that is long remembered. All our boxed invitations can be  customized. Silk covered inside and outside with padding.

Size: 6x8x1 inches
Material: 100% silk with machine embroidered lace fabric
Color: Ivory
Usage: Premium gifts, wedding invitations, boxed invitations for gala, party and formal event
Style: Gatefold box, lace
Features: padded interior and exterior, pocket card holder, handmade
Custom made style: You can customize the size and box color with us, discuss changes of embellishment and more
Wholesale: All our wedding boxes are sold for wholesale buyers only

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