Champagne Silk Pocket Folder With Ivory Embroidery Of Wedding Date & Monogram


Creative invitations for gale, wedding and events that are personalized with elegant embroidery and covered with fine silk created by Prestige Creations from Thailand


Champagne silk wedding invitation with pocket holder and customized embroidery on the padded front of the folder.
The pockets inside and corner holder for invitations are the same as shown here

Product measurements: 5.5×7.5 inches for 5×7 invitation cards
Color: Champagne silk, ivory embroidery
Usage: This stylish silk folder houses invitations for wedding, event and gala elegantly
Material: Sturdy cardboard covered with padding and silk from Thailand
Feature: Padding, personalised embroidery, pocket holder inside left and silk corner holder inside right
Style: Luxury couture

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