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It’s the little things that can improve your daily life such as our fabric storage solutions. This is one of our cotton storage bag hanger, cost efficient and elegant. Attach it to the bed frame of kids playrooms, bathroom or doors. We can also customize the specs of this storage bag design to suit your requirements.

Measurements: 16 inches long x 8 inches high with 8×8 inches pocket side. Three 1.5 inches wide and 10 inches long cotton bands are attached to the bag to enable attachment to bed frames, bathroom or doors.
Customization: Most of our products are made under NDA contracts allowing our clients to develop their very own designs with us.
Material: 100% cotton
Color: Natural unbleached cotton similar to off-white
Usage: Home improvement, storage, kids toy bag
Shape: Rectangle
Category: Home decor, home improvement, travel item
Amount of bags: Two
Closure: Button closure
Export: Worldwide
Wholesale: This product is sold to wholesale buyers only
Price: Please contact to discuss your order details, volume and specs first
Eco-friendly: We are specialized in eco-friendly home decor and home improvement products offering decor items made with hemp, linen and jute fabrics

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