Eggplant color silk wedding folder with crown brooches and purple ribbon


Eggplant color silk wedding folder with crown brooches and purple ribbon

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Hand-made crown brooch embellished silk wedding folder in purple color.
Imagine all your guest receive fine handwoven Thai silk invitation, combined with imported Czech rhinestone brooches, handmade until the last finish. Imagine all this can be purchased at low cost. Here in our factory in Chiang Mai we work hard every day to develop a ultimate high quality invitation design that differs in every way from common products offered.

Over 90% of our customer order bespoke silk invitation. Every wedding ceremony has their own colors, look and feel and so do our creations. Quality and Uniqueness comes first for us. This is why we always work on new color combinations and play with new wedding embellishments just like we did when developing this new silk folder below.

When it comes to colors, we believe purple is one of the most luxury once. It suited us too perfect making this couture wedding invitation folder with gate fold design featuring rhinestone crown brooches with large purple diamond stone. Bespoke wedding invitation? No problem you can order in any size and if you don’t like purple invitation just contact us and send us the colors you would prefer for silk and ribbon. We have many colors that suit any wedding theme. Folder featuring fine padding, pockets behind each door inside as well as ribbon holder in the center holding your main invitation card.

Color: Eggplant color
Size: 6×8 inches
Material: Silk
Feature: Crown brooch embellishment, padded exterior, pocket holder

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