Elegant Velvet Clutch Bag


Luxury velvet clutch bag inspired by traditional Japanese design, transferred into an elegant design for gala, event and opera.


Luxury velvet bag, suits perfect with your gown. There is enough room for lipstick, cards or mobile phone.
Bag is lined with fine satin silk. Customizable with embroidery, different size or custom color in our factory.

Bag measurements: 33*21.50 cm
Material: Velvet
Colors: Black, white, ivory, red, navy blue, royal blue, gold, champagne, peach, emerald, baby blue (more color option upon request)
Usage: Clutch bag, evening bag for gala or event
How to wear: Arm clutch
Wholesale: This bag design is sold for wholesale buyers only
Minimum order: 250 pieces (mixed colors possible) Contact for smaller order quantities before

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Weight 0.20 kg


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