Embellished Linen Box for Invitation Cards


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Linen invitations are elegant alternatives to our silk boxes and look just amazing.
Linen is a great fiber, naturally made and long lasting. We thought, why not using linen fabric to cover our wedding invitation boxes. Here is the first result, a gate fold style box that houses the main invitation card on it’s padded bottom and has two pockets that will keep RSVP cards or small menu cards in place inside the box. The size or details like additional pockets or holder can be adjusted by us. Get your sample today and enjoy using this new linen box for your next event invitations. Sure invited guest will be impressed. This design suits perfectly for beach weddings, western themed wedding events, global warming events or corporate events that require something made of natural fibers. Environment friendly string cardboard and non toxic glues were used of course also for this product.
A white two inches ribbon with our classic rhinestone crystal clasp were used to embellish the gate fold box. If you do not like the clasp used for this silk pad we can use another brooch or clasp from here

Size: 7×7 inches
Material: 100% woven linen fabric (This product is also available in hemp, cotton and dupioni silk)
Usage: Simply for any invitations like wedding invitation cards, corporate invitation cards, birthday party invitations.
Color: Natural linen (cream) and white ribbon

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