Embroidered Brown Taffeta Silk Drawstring Bag


Buy embroidered brown silk drawstring bag for wholesale from Thailand On Handbag-Asia.com


We design and manufacture premium gift bags including our famous embroidered taffeta silk drawstring bags available in all sizes and colors. multiple options of customization available for clients. Worldwide export. Small minimum order quantities. Our Thai factory manufactures silk bags made with Thai or taffeta silk since 2006.
Luxury embroidered silk drawstring bag, shown in chocolate brown silk with matching color embroidery we made for one of our clients. We can manufacture silk bags in all sizes and a custom logo print or embroidery on it for you. Color and size can be changed.

Size: 5.5×6.5″”
Material: 100% Taffeta silk.
Also available with logo print or graphic and monogram embroidery, label…
Color: Brown
Feature: Embroidered

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