Environment Friendly Printed Cotton Shopping Bag For Your Company


Cotton Shopping Bags Manufacturer Since 2006. Our factory provides manufacturing and wholesale of 100% natural cotton shopping bags with logo print for event planners and companies at competitive price.


100% Cotton Shopping Bag Featuring Your Companies Logo Print
Our factory is manufacturing cotton shopping bags for event planners and companies from all over the world. Our 100% cotton shopping bags are hand-made in Chiang Mai, washable and will be printed with your logo with 100% ribber tree colors. Such colors are environment friendly and do not easily wash off when washing the bags. We make such bags with various cotton grades including cotton canvas, cotton/hemp mix fabrics or standard cotton materials in natural color for budget projects. The size and design of the shopping bag is fully customisable. So would it be possible for example to add a zipper closure, separation, extra pockets or embroideries on the bag. if you are interested in ordering customized cotton shopping bags withholder handle at competitive wholesale prices just get in touch with us. Fast production and high quality craftsmanship makes PRESTIGE CREATIONS the 1st choice in Thailand for all kinds of promotional bags and organic packaging bags.
– Customization: Size, color of cotton, color of print and print size is fully customisable here at our factory
– Quality: Hand-crafted quality cotton shopping bags by Handbag-Asia.com
– Packaging: We pack 250 shopping bags in one carton box
– Hand-made: All our designs are hand-made in our own workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We guarantee satisfaction.

Size: 12 x 14 inches (Any other size available as well!)
Bag Material: 100% Cotton (Available also with 100% hemp or jute textiles)
Color featured online: Wheat color
Other: Samples via DHL express right after your inquiry!

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