Flat Gatefold Boxed Wedding Invitation In Pink & Brown Featuring Pockets And Ribbon Holder For Invitation Cards


Invite your loved once with our beautiful invitation box creations that are handcrafted in our workshop in Chiang Mai and sold in over 200 colors for wholesale with worldwide export. Small minimum order requirements and fast delivery time.


Fall in love with our classic plain design silk invitation boxes that are designed with a gate fold closure, pocket holder and covered entirely with our famous silk fabrics.
Some of the features of this elegant wedding invitation box, the box has pocket holder behind both doors to place cards, a ribbon holder in the centre of the padded bottom which could be also removed or replaced by ribbon corner holders. The box is padded on the inside and outside but if you need the box without padding it is possible. This is a horizontal format box measuring 9×6 inches and used for 8×5 or 8.5×5.5 inches invitation cards. If you have question about the colors available or need a different size you can send us a message.

Size: 9 inches long x 6 inches wide x 0.5 inches deep
Color: Shown in pink and chocolate (other colors available of course)
Material: Faux silk (Available with pure Thai silk and dupioni silk)
Usage: Invitations for wedding, party, birthday and event
Wholesale: We wholesale our handmade wedding boxes at factory price
Customization: The color and size of this box can be customized
Quality: High quality export product
Embroidery: A logo or monogram embroidery can be added at extra cost
Changes: if requested we can remove pockets or replace them with ribbon holders, add extra pockets and ribbon holder
Different material: Yes, you can order this wedding box design also covered in velvet, linen, cotton, chiffron silk or handwoven Thai silk

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