Gold Foil Stamped Hinged Lid Purple Suede Box For Invitations & Jewelry


Whatever you are looking for a unique invitation box or luxury jewellery box, our foil stamped suede boxes are the perfect product to impress your customer or guest


High quality luxury suede box for jewellery, gift packaging or wedding invitation cards from prestige Creations.
The interior usually comes with a pocket holder behind the lid and with padding on the bottom part. We however are able to fully customise the box style, add interior foil stamp or extra pockets and inlays to allow holding the item you wish to place inside the box. We can craft jewellery boxes and invitation boxes for our clients in a selection of colors.

Size: 6*7*1 inches
Material: Sturdy cardboard covered with suede fabric
Feature: Handmade, foil stamped, customisable
All sizes: We manufacture suede boxes in all sizes imaginable

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