Flower Embellished Paper Wedding Invitation Boxes

Beautiful flower embellished wedding boxes with hinged lid for wedding invitation cards, designed by prestige Creations box factory from Thailand.


Beautiful paper laminated flower embellished box for wedding cards. White laminated paper box with mulberry flower pair embellishment.
Real looking flowers embellish this classic boxed wedding invitation design by prestige Creations. Pocket holder for invitation cards is placed behind the lid of the box inside as well as corner ribbon holder on the bottom of the boxto hold the invitation card in place. Choose your own size and print style with us. The flower embellishment is available in orange, tiffany blue and pink color. Other colors upon request and order quantity available. Choose handmade wedding invitation designs from us, your talented manufacturer of packaging and luxury invitations in Thailand.

Material: Sturdy cardboard with mulberry paper flower
Features: Embellished, to use for wedding or corporate party invitations
Size: 6x9x1″
Color: White with black print, blush paper flower
Others: Handmade quality product from Thailand

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