Linen Box With Printed Lid

Elegant rustic linen box with floral printed lid, handmade in Thailand and available with your custom print, size and color.


This rustic box comes with sturdy linen covered cardboard base and removable printed lid. Its a perfect mix and match where the base is covered with linen and the lid with paper. Interior can be foil stamped or printed as well upon request. Our factory is able to manufacture fully handmade premium boxes combining different materials of textile and paper.

Box size of featured box: 7*10*2.5 inches
Material: Sturdy cardboard covered with linen fabric (base), 120 g printed paper with coating (lid)
Color: Tan with floral print
Usage: packing box for books, stationery, wedding cards or gifts
Wholesale: This box is sold to wholesale buyers only
Minimum order: 100 boxes

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Weight 0.55 kg


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