Black Linen Art Paper Covered Cardboard Wedding Pocket Folder


Handcrafted high end paper folder in black. This black folder type is covered with imported linen structured art paper with look and feel like linen fabric. The inside left has a pocket holder and on the right we have paper corner holder for your main invitation cards. All parts are handmade in Thailand. Different sizes and colors can be ordered. We sell strictly wholesale and export worldwide.

Folder size: 7 x 9 inches
Material: Black linen pattern paper
Color: Black linen art paper
Feature: Pocket holder, high end handmade foil stamp of your personalized monogram, pocket left, corner holder right
Usage: Formal invitations, wedding invitation, couture invitation, bridal shower cards, gala, event invitations
Minimum order: 100 pieces, higher prices occur if you order smaller quantities
Customize it: We can design your own monogram logo foil stamp design in silver, gold, rosegold, red…
Paper color: Several colors available including black, grey, off-white, red

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