Luxury Black Gift Box


Thai designer and create of handmade luxury packaging boxes since 2006. This is our classic lift lid box which comes with your logo or graphic printed or foil stamped onto the lid.


Use this beautiful lift lid packaging box for your brands product packaging. We can add logo of stamp or emboss your logo onto the box. Our high quality packaging box designs can be used for any industry. Send us your wholesale inquiry with the specs of the box you need us to craft for you.


  • Material: Sturdy cardboard laminated with paper
  • Style: Lift lid box
  • Size: 6x8x2 inches
  • Usage: Packaging of garment, gifts and cards
  • Color: Black or in custom color
  • Logo: We can foil stamp or print logos
  • Customize: This box can be customised, we can add dividers inside the box or pocket holder
  • Handmade: Handmade quality packaging box from Thailand

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