Luxury Square Hinged Lid Linen Box With Velvet Interior


Elegant handmade linen box with velvet interior and pocket holder for pictures or cards designed by Prestige Creations box and bag factory from Thailand.


This beautiful linen fabric covered linen box is padded on the lid outside and on the inside. The interior is lined with navy blue velvet fabric and the exterior lined with linen in ivory tone.
Pictured box is manufactured in a standard size of 7x7x1 inches. Clients can choose their own size and choose from several linen and velvet color shades.
The lid inside is featuring a 3 inches high pocket holder. Our linen boxes are used by clients for their packaging needs including wedding cards, luxury jewellery packaging or pictures.
At small extra cost we embroider, foil stamp or print logos, event dates, monograms or graphics onto or inside the box.

Size: 7x7x1 inches
Material: Linen outside, velvet inside
Feature: Padded, strong cardboard, durable quality, pocket holder
Color: Ivory and navy blue
Style: Plain hinged lid box style
Wholesale: Only sold to wholesale buyers
Minimum order: 100 boxes

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