Monogram embroidered ivory gate silk wedding invitation box


Silk Invitation Makes Your Marriage Special


Silk Invitation Makes Your Marriage Special
Such designs reflecting the personal sense of style, you need to provide guests with relevant information about the event. Considering the economics of wedding invitations, can facilitate families to save money and time in organizing this special event. Generally, one keeps aside four and five percent of their overall budget on the wedding stationary. With hundreds of wedding vendors in the market it is important that you spend your hard-earned dollars to get the best.

The key to a beautiful wedding invitation is the stationery used for the same. In case you wish a luxury card silk is the best option. Customize the invitation to create something special. Most couples choose to proffer something that makes their guests feel special. They wish to go for a marriage card that will establish their personality on the wedding event.

An effective, informative and visually satisfying experience invitation card makes the occasion special. Our policy is to provide the support that comes with the personal touch. Our invitations bring elegance to your wedding day.
If you are looking for an elegant designs, nothing is classier than a silk wedding box. Custom wedding box with handmade silk in eye-catching design is well appreciated these days. The material itself gives it a delicate look. It not only guards the card well, but a stunning wedding box will make your cards unparalleled. Designer envelopes are very common these days. Nevertheless, a silk box reflects your level of sophistication. The eye-catching Silk Invitations make your special day memorable. The elegance will express your warmth. These are available in a variety of sizes, materials and colors to fit any wedding style.

Whenever you are planning for Wedding Invitations, it is important to remember that special occasions demand special invitations. We create and design a wide range of incomparable ideas. We help you to select the RIGHT invitation card to make the occasion exciting. If you seek expert advice and quality service, schedule an appointment with

Size: 7x7x1 inches
Material: Faux silk
Color: Ivory

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