Monogram Embroidered Personalized Dupioni Silk Drawstring Bag



Elegant handmade dupioni silk bag in green, personalized with monogram embroidery manufactured in our factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Our dupioni silk fabrics are the preferred textile used for packaging bags when clients are looking for a little more luxury options for their packaging needs. Besides this luxury bag can be perfectly used for wedding favor bags, bridesmaid gift bags or as silk jewellery bag for earrings, bracelets and fingerlings. All our dupioni silk drawstring bags come ion hundreds of colors and can be customised in size and shape. Your logo or monogram embroidery will be placed onto the front of each bag. Send us your wholesale inquiries with order quantity and size needed, we will quote details for you right after.

Bag size: 3 x 5 inches
Material: 100% dupioni silk
Color: Forest green
Usage: Jewellery bag, wedding pouch, bridesmaid gift, packaging bag
Features: Personalized bag with clients logo embroidery design, handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand, pure handwoven dupioni silk

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