Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag With Logo Print


Organic cosmetic packaging bags like this cotton drawstring bags can be manufactured in mass production for your business and are sold for domestic and international clients. oder customized cotton bags and packaging bags with our factory at competitive cost


Organic cotton drawstring bag from Chiang Mai. This bag is used for promotional bags, cosmetic packaging or food packaging and comes in all sizes and colors. Our bag factory makes also cosmetic bags, shopping bags and hemp bags of all kind, high quality and fast production time. Customise organic cotton bags with us in the size and color you need.
High quality product from Thailand!

Material: 100% cotton
Style: Square shape drawstring bag with one color logo print
Customize: We can customise size and color for you
Quality: High quality organic cotton bag from Thailand
Export: By air and sea or express delivery, same day delivery in Thailand, next day delivery in Asia
Size: 8* 8 inches square shape
Color: Naturtal cotton

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