Padded black and white book style invitation folio


Padded black + white book style invitation folio


If you are looking for a luxury but yet inexpensive book-fold invitation design, choose this plain silk folio.
The folio features a padded exterior, 3 inches high pocket on the inner left and decent small ribbon card holder on the inner right. The folio can be entirely customised by our customer, so can size be adjusted, monogram embroidered added on the padded exterior, color changed. In case you don’t really like silk for your invitation folios, choose from various fabrics including our thick velvet and suede fabric, cotton, lining, even hemp can be used for this creation.
On your website customer enjoy original designs, developed in our workshop in Chiang mail, offered at affordable wholesale prices to all over the world. We hope you like our invitation designs and will be interested ordering our products any time soon.
Shown design was made in black, however you can choose the color from our silk chart.

Size: 6x9x1″
Material: faux silk
Others: Luxury design for wedding invitations

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