Personalised Save The Date Invitation Book-Folder With Wedding Date Embroidery


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Save the date silk wedding invitation book folder – The way you like them!

How about we customize your silk folios by adding the date as an elegant embroidery on each silk folio? Possible now with our handmade silk invitation featuring your personalized embroidery. If you prefer something else to be embroidered, no problem. We can process initials, logos, writing and even graphics are possible. And if you are not a fan of embroideries try our screen printed invitation designs.

The folio designs comes in all imaginable sizes and colors. We make them in the color that suits your wedding theme and can match the size to your existing invitation card size, just in case you have purchased the cards already. For the picture we simply placed dummy cards inside the folder, they will of course not come with your order. The design was padded with fine foam. Strong cardboard was used only for highest quality and perfect look. Samples can be purchased today, just send us an e-mail, we are always happy to be hearing from you.

Material: Fine silk
Size: 6×8″ (This does not mean you have to order us in our standard size”, any size is possible!)
Color: Silver

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