Pink color box for wedding invitation cards


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Hinged lid box with silk pad that can be removed from the inside
If you are looking for blank boxes without embellishment because you may wish to embellish them in your personal style yourself, this handmade box is just right. Below design was developed with pink silk for a wedding client of us that was in need of an invitation box that suits her pink wedding theme.
It features a pad that can be removed from the box and that has corners to hold the wedding or invitation card. Both, box as well as the pad are padded, inside and outside. You can choose your own color from our silk swatch set and even the size can be customized to your requirements. Not sure about ordering in bulk? Well, how about you get started with a sample order, just mail us the link or item# of the silk box you wish to order a sample of here and we will go from there.
The box is made with quality materials and carefully chosen silk that is string and has a slight silky shine. We are sure you will love our product and will transform your invitation in something out of this world.

Size: 8x8x1 inches
Material: Faux silk was used for this wedding box
Style: Boxed invitation style, celebrity invitation, luxury invitation, handmade wedding invitation
Color: Pink

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