Pink Premium Quality Silk brooch Wedding Box With Pocket Lid


Luxury wedding boxes featuring brooch embellishments for high end invitation cards sold in hundreds of collars and the size of your choice online


Invite guest with one of our premium invitation boxes. This design is featuring our large rhinestone brooch, attached to the padded box lid with 3 inches wide grey sash. We use double faced satin ribbon and thick silk.
The hinge lid is connected to the back and has a 3 inches high pocket on the inside for cards. The bottom is padded. Extras like monogram embroidery or foil stamp can be added to the box design.
All our products are handmade and have a very high quality. order samples with swatch books today.

Size: 7x7x1 inches (We can manufacture any size)
Material: 100% Thai silk (from real mulberry silk)
Style: Premium quality high end invitation
Price: Low price guarantee
Quality: Very high quality that can be customized in size and color

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