Glitter Boxed Invitation With Gold Crown Pair Brooch & Glitter Lace


Boxed invitations were first officially introduced by us in 2006, ever since our wedding box creations are famous worldwide. We wholesale our designs at affordable cost to businesses worldwide.


Invite your guest to a party or wedding ceremony with high quality boxed invitations designed by the Prestige Creations factory in Thailand.

Box size: 7x7x1 inches
Material: 100% silk, imported glitter, metal crown brooches with rhinestones
Style: Gatefold boxed invite
Shape: Square shaped box
Wholesale: Wedding boxes are sold wholesale to businesses worldwide
Export: Worldwide by DHL express
Quality: High quality product of Thailand
Color shown: Gold and royal blue
Feature: Padded exterior, padded interior, pocket card holder, rhinestone metal pair brooch, silk laminated
Customize it: This box can be customized, we can add monogram gold foil stamp onto the pockets inside, change the silk color and plating color of the crown brooches

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