Small Linen Drawstring Bag


Handbag-Asia is Thailand’s source for 100% linen bags, whatever drawstring bag, cosmetic bags or textile packaging bag, we have the right product and export worldwide by express.


Small but practical 100% linen bag with drawstring closure. Plain style with durable 100% linen fabric.

Material: 100% linen textile
Bag size: 3.5×6.50 inches
Style: Drawstring bag
Usage: Gift bag, spa set packaging, eco bag, promotional bag
Color: Tan color, natural unbleached
Washable: Warm water
Customize: Add logo embroidery or logo print at small extra cost
Wholesale: We wholesale this linen drawstring bag to businesses worldwide
Different size: This bag can be manufactured by our factory in all sizes
Different material: Also available in 100% jute, hemp, cotton or silk

Linen eco bag
Linen eco bag


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