Small Sand Color Linen USB Box

Hinged lid linen box used for USB sticks, favor or gift sets. Order this linen USB box in custom size and color and add your logo or monogram foil stamp onto or inside the lid with our factory. Our premium quality sold at fair prices.



Handmade small USB box, covered entirely with our linen fabric. This box is eco friendly and made with durable materials. The size and color can be customized.
Material: Sturdy card board, covered with 100% linen fabric

Color: Sand
Usage: USB box, gift box
Custom: Logo foil stamp, logo embroidery can be added
Wholesale: This box is sold for wholesale buyers only
Minimum order: 100 boxes
Box size: 4.5 inches long * 3 inches wide * 2 inches high
Lid: Hinged lid style
Other colors: This box is also available in dark brown, charcoal, light grey, black, aqua, navy blue and olive green

  • Durable design
  • Eco-friendly linen with recycled cardboard material
  • Hinged lid
  • Cusomize size and color
  • Low wholesale cost

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