Square Shape Chocolate Color Dupioni Silk Wedding Invitation Box


Chocolate Color Dupioni Silk Wedding Invitation Box


The luxury dupioni silk wedding invitation box in chocolate brown
100% Dupioni silk wedding invitation box, padded inside and outside. Shown wedding invitation box was made with chocolate brown color. Customers can order any required size. A wide selection of dupioni silk colors are available to choose from. Ribbon added behind the lid inside the box. If you have any question or need support, feel free to contact us. We are sure we can manufacture the wedding invitation box in price and quality you require.

Size: 8x8x1.5 inches
Material: 100% handwoven dupioni silk (or selectable faux silk, cotton and Thai silk)
Usage: For all invitation cards including wedding invitation, babtism invitations and party invitations, wedding favor or jewelry box packaging
Color: Chocolate brown

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