Eco Friendly Bamboo Beach Bag With Leather Shoulder Handles


Stylish eco bag design for hotels, retail businesses and event planners available with your custom logo badge at the bags front


Elegant bamboo shoulder bag design with faux leather or selective real leather shoulder handles, cotton parts and leather logo badge. This bag can also be ordered in other sizes on demand for example in a small size for wine bottles, larger size as a towel beach bag etc. Just get in touch with our factory today, we will work on your eco bag design.

Color: Wheat
Usage: Grocery bag, beach bag, premium gift
Logo: Stamped onto leather badge at the bags front side
Wholesale: This bamboo bag design is sold for wholesale buyers only
Minimum order: 200 bags
Bag measurements: 44 cm wide * 32 cm high * 12 cm bottom

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Weight 0.95 kg


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