Zippered Dupioni Silk Cosmetic Bag From Thailand


Luxury dupioni silk cosmetic bag with golden zipper closure and logo badge

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Hand-woven Thai silk cosmetic bags were the first items that left our factory. Back then to our very first customer in Italy. Until today we manufacture various unique designs for our clients. Please notice, hand-woven Thai silk is expensive, so if you require cheap cosmetic bags we recommend using faux silk or other materials. For more details contact us today.
Having demand in high end quality Cosmetic Bags for your luxury Spa Products, Make-Up or Cosmetic Collection? We are professional manufacturer of quality silk cosmetic bags. Shown design was manufactured with 100% dupioni silk. As an example we manufactured it with our own logo badge and logo lining. For your order we can manufacture with your own logo badge design and printed logo lining. Click on below button to send us your product inquiry regarding this beautiful cosmetic bag design.

Size: 13x16x5 cm
Material: 100% raw Thai silk & 100% cotton lining
Color: Rosepink

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