Beautifully Hand – Woven Silk Shawl Collection
Inside of the small province of Chiang Mai, Thailand, silk shawls are being handcrafted by textile artists. The colors and patterns available are endless, and create a lovely addition to any wardrobe. Prestige Creations offers our valued clients these silk shawls and scarves with pride, knowing all of our clients will be impressed with the high quality and precision craftsmanship. These are available at wholesale prices, providing retailers around the world to feel that same sense of pride that we feel in providing access to such unique products.
Silk shawls, scarves and wraps add panache and a unique style to any outfit. Whether it be spring, summer, winter or fall, this is an accessory that every woman wants. Every color, design and pattern of the silk shawls and scarves we offer speaks volumes in the world of fashion. This is a timeless accessory that looks and feels fabulous on women of all types and ages.
We are able to provide our clients with customization of their own ideal of how a silk shawl or scarf should be, when placed as a large order. Specialty boutique, clothing and accessory shops can come up with their own vision for the color scheme of a collection of scarves or shawls for any season. Exquisitely made, and completely unique to your shop, you’ll find that these silk shawls and scarves will fly off of your racks. Consider adding the unique mudmee design to your boutique, choosing the color palette that pleases you the most. Please think ahead if you wish to place an order for customization, as these are hand crafted 100% Thai silk, necessitating some time for their production.
For silk shawls and scarves that we have in stock, those can be delivered around the world in three to four days. Choose from a wide array of colors, sizes and different patterned Thai silks to entice your customers into coming back for more. Silk scarves are an accessory worn in a number of different fashion styles, making them an appropriate addition to any type of clothing or accessory outlet.
What is Thai Silk
When people talk of silk, they are typically referring to a woven fabric made from the silkworm. Not all grades of silk are the same, and that which comes from the native Thai silkworm – Bombyx mori – is considered to be one of the finest silks on the planet. It has a natural unique beauty and sheen that makes it an ideal choice for the production of hand-made items such as silk scarves and shawls.
Experts reel by hand the inner layers of the silkworm’s cocoon, a specialized skill that has been passed down through families for generations. It is then treated with special dyes and hand-woven into luxurious silk shawls and scarves for the entire world to take pleasure in. The exacting process which is necessary is one of the many reasons why Thai silk is coveted by luxury lovers all over the world.
Although we associate Thai silk with warmth and femininity, it is one of the most durable natural fabrics in the world. This makes for a great textile to use in the production of silk scarves and shawls. If you wish to add these to your original collections, please contact us to speak to a knowledgeable sales person about the many different options available to you.

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