Golden Fleur De Lis Style Silk Box For Invitation Cards


Stylish and luxury boxes and folder for invitation cards, designed and manufactured in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Creative golden silk box featuring a large silver fleur de lis brooch embellishment. The box has a flat removable lid. The design can be ordered by our customer in a bespoke size and color. We allow different arrangements of the brooch and ribbon color if you have different requirements. There eis a pocket behind the lid inside. Extra pockets or ribbon holder can be added if required.

Size: 6x6x1 inches
Material: Silk
Color: Gold silk with silver ribbon
Usage: Place invitation cards inside the box for a luxury presentation of your event from the start
Other: Hand-made high quality design from Thailand
Bespoke designs: Your own size and color possible

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Weight 0.45 kg


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