Invite Your Event Guest In This Luxury Gray Thai Silk Box For Invitation Cards


We provide handmade invitation silk boxes in any size, design and almost any color you require. Send us an e-mail for more details today!


Handmade 100% Thai silk invitation box with hinged lid. Padded inside. Handmade by the PRESTIGE CREATIONS factory. Feel the exclusiveness of hand-woven Thai silk with this hinged lid box design used for invitation cards or jewellery packaging. Measurements and color of this featured box can be entirely customised by our customer. Embroidery including monogram or logo can be added onto the box lid. Our factory has been crafting unique packaging boxes and invitation stationary since early 2006. Customer from all over the world can enjoy our fine quality and the possibility to order a totally customisable product for their event or packaging solution at home. Strong cardboard pieces are carefully glued together and then covered with a thick layer of pure Thai silk. Padding on the lid exterior or interior as well as separations inside the box are also possible upon request by the customer. Please try to order at least 100 pieces or more to receive factory prices. Smaller quantities of silk boxes can be ordered but we will charge slight higher unit cost.

Size: 6.5 x 6.5 x 1 inches (Any other size available as well)
Material: 100% Thai silk
Colors: Shown in gray, you can order our silk swatch set for color selection

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