Luxury Brown Boxed Wedding Invitation With Embellished Removable Silk Pad


Embellished wedding invitation boxes with removable pad for wholesale from Thailand


One of our best selling wedding invitation box sets in chocolate brown with ivory ribbon and big golden buckle with brown stones. This silk invitation box is padded outside and inside. behind each gate you will have slots to insert cards. We made a padded insert which is lined on both sides with fine silk and embellished with a 2 inches ribbon and big buckle, see picture.
There is a range of colors to choose from for the silk and ribbon color. You could possibly also use another buckle design. The shown buckle is available as well with white and pink stones.

Material: Faux silk (Available also with Thai silk and dupioni silk)
Size: The silk box is 7x7x1 inches and the padded insert is 6.75×6.75 inches
Color: Brown
Usage: Wedding invitation

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